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Hi dears

Having a website and  A BLOG is changing my life already.  I feel so active inside — with ideas, thoughts, communications — YES, communication, that’s it.  Life opens up.  I’m awake before six am this morning, earlier even, just lying there thinking too much to sleep.  I like the idea of being connected and having a place to speak out.  Gift of “fun”.  I was told once that the whole universe is playful.  Love, H



Mary Frank on Henrietta Mantooth

Over the years I have felt Henrietta’s influence on my work mainly because of her sense of freedom. She makes no effort to be cool, or romantic, or artistically calculating. She once was described as “an artist who uses freedom to express freedom.” This statement helped her understand for the first time that her way of working was valid, and she was able to accept her own random process.

Mary Frank, “A Risk-Taking Artist” in Persimmon Tree

Portrait by Mary Frank

CALL/VoCA Films on Artists Interview